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5 Tips For Selecting A Roofing Contractor In North Texas


5 Tips For Selecting A Roofing Contractor In North Texas

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A well-constructed roof secures and protects your home from leaks and other destructive elements. It also gives your house an appealing look. Hence, understanding the role that a roof plays in a home is essential in ensuring that you invest in a good contractor. However, many homeowners find it difficult to secure the right contractor. This article contains 5 tips that can help you land the right person for the job.

Consider Experience

None of the roofing contractors can buy experience. They have to acquire it over time, and experienced contractors know what to do. To know the level of the contractor’s experience, seek to know the number of years he has been in the industry. You can determine this by knowing the year he completed his training. Also, ask the contractor for the samples of his past work. Most contractors have photographs showing their previous works. They may also have documents that show the contracts they have secured in the past. The past work will give you a hint about the quality of work the contractor can deliver.

Take Advantage of Referrals

Referrals will give you confidence that you are hiring the right roofing contractor. Look for well-roofed houses in your community and approach the homeowners. Ask them to refer you the contractors they hired. You may consider getting local referrals at this point. Local contractors already know the building regulations in your area. They may also save you the hassle of looking for roofing materials since most of them know the suppliers in your locality.

Look For Credentials Or Certifications

Certifications are a good indicator of a competent contractor. None of the certification bodies would want to associate with contractors who do not meet certain standards. However, some contractors get certifications from bodies that are not accredited. It is important to be aware of such contractors and avoid them. Examples of authoritative bodies that review contractors include:

1. Better Business Bureau or BBB

This body reviews contactors based on various factors, including customer satisfaction, background, and licensing. To know if the contractor exists on BBB list, check for the contractor’s name at the body’s website. Check his rating on the site to ensure you are hiring a contractor whose score is good. BBB reviews contractors periodically to ensure that contractors possess up-to-date skills. A contractor whose rating goes below the required standards will lose his certification.

2. Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance

This is a body that reviews roofers and siders who deal with commercial and residential contracts. It is an affiliate of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Ask for Insurance and License

A competent roofing contractor should have a valid license. The license will give you confidence that you are hiring a qualified person who is legally permitted to deliver roofing services. Although a license is a requirement in many states, some states allow unlicensed contractors to work. Ask the contractor for a copy of his license if it is a requirement in your state.

Additionally, a good contractor must have insured his staff, including subcontractors and other workers. Insurance is important because it protects you from a possible legal action in case a worker gets injured while on the site. Request a copy of insurance from the contractor and ensure that the insurance is up-to-date.

Proper Warranty

An extensive warranty should play a major role when selecting a suitable contractor. It is important to hire a contractor whose workmanship is covered by a manufacturer warranty. It may take many years for you to realize that a contractor did a bad job on your roof. In such a case, the insurance may not compensate you. You will have to look for the contractor to fix the mess, or you will incur losses. Hence, be sure to review the contractor’s warranty before hiring him.

Bottom Line

Hiring a competent roofing contractor is important because it ensures that your structure gets a good roof. However, it may involve paying a little more expensive for the roofing service. You do not have to fear spending at the expense of a quality service. In fact, hiring a cheap and incompetent roofing contractor can be more expensive because poor roofing may necessitate costly repairs sooner rather than later.