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Why Hiring Local Matters When Choosing A Roofer


Why Hiring Local Matters When Choosing A Roofer

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“Hire Local!” is a phrase we often seen thrown around by various businesses across the United States, most often to encourage spending dollars in your local economy with the hope that those dollars benefit the area in the short term which will in the long term benefit you.

While that’s a great reason to shop and buy local, sometimes we as consumers are a little more selfish than that. Namely, we would rather reap the benefits of immediate savings by buying made in china products rather than play the long game of paying 2-5 times more for those same items made here in the United States. Even though thinking like that doesn’t give us the warm fuzzies as “Buying Local”, there’s no disputing that there’s great practicality in that sentiment considering most of us have mortgages, car payments and groceries to pay for.

But what about when you choose your roofer? Is it practical to hire the cheaper roofer simply because he/she is cheaper? As you might imagine, that depends on a variety of factors but in our opinion, the biggest factor you should consider when selecting a roofer is whether or not they are a local business. See, many out of town roofing contractors will come into in an area like Dallas Fort Worth and start under bidding jobs because they have a volume approach to roofing – they want as many roofs as possible and want to make as much money as possible while ‘the gettin’s good’ so to speak.

The primary complaints with out of town roofing contractors however is that once they collect their money, you won’t hear from them again and their not too concerned with their reputation. They know that regardless of how good/bad your city thinks of them, they will most likely be working in a different place in the near future and those opinions will have little to no consequence to them.

That’s why it’s important when your making a decision about who to hire for your roofing needs or something else important like say an injury attorney, to hire local. Hire a contractor who will look you in the eye, shake your hand and answer your phone calls when something goes wrong. Someone who simply cannot afford to have a bad reputation in the city they call home. All those qualities are absolutely critical to making sure your needs are going to be looked after by your roofing contractor.

Elite Pro Roofing’s owners have lived in Plano, TX for over 40 years combined and are proud to call North Texas home. We take our reputation very seriously and love to delight our customers. So if you’re looking for a quality roofing contractor, call Elite Pro today for a free estimate.